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Our Approach

Our motto is wellness for life!

We want to plant the seed of good health, happiness, love and life in you! We want to make a difference and make your life beautiful.

We want to improve lifestyles globally, but especially in India, where there is an urgent need of healthcare support, healthy living, and overall well-being. Indians deserve more. We want our children and grandchildren to be happier and healthier, instead of just wealthier..

And we want to do our bit for the be environment.

Our Story



Meet the Team



Founder & CEO / MD

Rita is very creative and innovative. She is a busy mom and an awesome cook! Rita loves the arts, theatre and doing charity work.



Vice President – Marketing

Sam is a global entrepreneur for most of his life. In his spare time, he rubs shoulders with stars at Hollywood and Bollywood parties.




10 years of international work experience, Jay likes to throw BBQ cook outs for friends and family.

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