Why You Need a Body Lotion and How to Apply It

If you are like most people, you probably don’t think too much before picking up a body lotion or even expect much from it. As long as it makes your dry, winter skin soft, smells okay and soaks fast, you will be sold on a product. Despite knowing what we want, some of us still wind up owning many different types of body lotions, oils, creams or body milk bottles. If you like a good deal on your body lotion, you probably won’t pay for a moisturised arm and a leg but look for a pretty reasonable offer instead. Hopefully this article will help you help guide you to find the best body lotion cream in India for your body, but first, ask yourself a few basic questions.

Why You Need a Body Lotion and How to Apply It
Apply body lotion on arms and legs, gently massaging it into your skin, preferably right after a warm shower.

How often are you applying lotion?

If you have dry and chapped skin, you may be applying lotion several times a day on yourself. For normal skin, you may need to use it once daily, and oily skin users may use it occasionally. We recommend daily hydration after a bath, for all skin types. Those with oily skin can try a light spray, that is alcohol-free, smells great, safe on sensitive skin and summer use.

How does your skin feel without lotion?

Make a note of how your skin feels when you don’t use any body lotions. Is your skin prone to more problems like rashes, sun spots or eczema? Does it feel dry and uncomfortable, look dull and less glowing, or is there not much difference?

What do you expect from your moisturiser?

Depending on the season, different body parts need different levels of hydration. In winter you may want effective hydration and deeper nourishment, relief from dry, itchy skin. Mature skin needs extra help, so try out body shapups that have firming or anti-cellulite ingredients. In spring and summer, you will want anti-tanning lotions with SPF for sun protection and even bug sprays. However, if you are like most people and are satisfied with simply softening, improving the tone and texture of your skin with a fast-absorbing lotion.

What texture are you most comfortable with?

Whether you like to go for a non-greasy lotion, creamy formula, thick body butter, fluid body milk, or body oil isn’t as important as people think. We change body lotions and creams from summer to winter, according to our skin type, but in fact, the answer to “what kind of lotion is good for dry skin?” is, any consistency that makes your skin feel good. Before bedtime, you can go for a creamier texture, like a body butter, but do take the time to massage it in.

How to apply body moisturisers?

Remember to hydrate the skin on your body, there’s no need to overly pamper yourself, but always be kind and gentle. Once you know what to look for and what your skin needs, it is easier to shop for the best body lotions and creams.

You will get the most out of your moisturisers when you apply it within the first 5 minutes of getting out of the shower or bath. You can literally use any texture – thick or thin – so long as you are within this window. It is a misconception that thicker the body lotion is, the longer your body stays moisturised. If you are a busy individual, applying body lotion at night is the best way to go. Glide a good lotion generously all over your arms and legs. Massage it in for a minute or two using a circular motion, so your skin soaks in all the nutrients. You can use the help of a hand-held body massager which will also relax you, inducing sleep.




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