Still Gorgeous! American actresses post-40 (L-R): Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.

Do you want to look years younger than you are?  And more energetic? You are not alone if you are constantly swamped with too much work, demanding family, guests, travel and unhealthy lifestyle habits – it all adds up and unfortunately shows on your face. If you feel exhausted all the time and are stressed out perhaps you need to rejuvenate your mind and body,, and find a way to age more gracefully.  Women need to prioritize: kids come first, then husband, work, in-laws and lastly friends. So when it’s time to look good for an important event, upcoming wedding, or party, we turn to our makeup bags – which is not the best answer.

Is aging genetics?

You’ve heard that the best way to stay fit and young-looking are by exercising and eating right. And if you’re exceptionally good looking for your age, you must be born with it.

But does looking good depend heavily on your genes? Good genes are nice to have, but they cannot guarantee good health throughout our lives. Immunity, on the other hand, decides how young we are supposed to look in the long run – this is why the saying goes “age is just a number.” Combine the right balance of nourishment and exercise, and you are good to go with minimal makeup, even in your forties and fifties. Many herbal, ayurvedic, natural and organic products help build immunity and extend lifespan.

Over 40 celebs who look 20

Celebrities are often criticized for going under the knife. The old trends of heavy plastic surgery are passé as even celebrities today understand it is more important to be fit from within and age gracefully, than a quick fix. In the glamour world, looking young is not just an act of vanity, but it can make the difference between being hired or not. The Richest has narrowed the list down to five Hollywood celebrities who look the healthiest and youngest for their age: Jim Parsons (43), Jennifer Aniston (47), and Liz Hurley (51) being among them.

The New York Post featured an article last year on Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, who is a naturopath and herbalist that has cracked the code to the fountain of youth. Her approach is simple and straightforward; she says, “there are no superfoods” but “variety is the way to go.” One of her clients is the actress Thandie Newton, 43, who swears by the power of food, believing changing the way we cook is the first step in finding the best diet for weight loss and wellness. You may not look like a celebrity who just graduated from college overnight but implementing small changes in lifestyle over time from both outside and within will help take years off your appearance.

Zumba For Women

Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Kick-Boxing, Beat Pump and Martial Arts are the many fitness activities that are great for today’s fit woman.  While exercise will boost immunity, improve blood circulation and tone muscle, Zumba and yoga will also heighten the wellness of the mind.  Zumba fitness expert and trainer, Swetha Jairam runs the popular Way of Life Studio. Her fitness tips for women revolve around dancing because it releases happy hormones like Oxytocin and Serotonin. Zumba is a fitness dance form, created by the Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the ‘90s.

Why Dance Fitness?

Dance is fitness coupled with fun, replacing boring workout routines because there are always creative steps in choreography giving something new to learn. Dance workouts are also amazing stress busters where you can vent all your worries in life. The result is fewer wrinkles, glowing smile, and a youthful face. Along with dance, detox your body to stay youthful. Drink eight glasses of water daily and eat enough vegetables and fruits to keep flushing out toxins every day.

Aging Gracefully

We should bear in mind it’s not just about looking young from the outside but feeling energetic inside. Love what you do (or, at least, like your job), spend quality time with children, and have meaningful social relationships. Stay mentally and physically active, eat nutritious food, and then watch how you radiate from the inside out! So here’s wishing you a Happy 20th Birthday! Let’s start a new era of looking youthful, feeling energetic while aging gracefully.

Avoid using cosmetics, creams, and cleansers you used two decades ago; instead use products that hydrate your skin, hair, and body. Go for premium brands of body & skin care products that say you deserve only the best. Check out premium quality beauty and makeup online.

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